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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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latest wave is winding down. most of the bay area is dry. we do have light showers and sprinkles. light rainfall here is the area. it's southeast of los gatos north of gilroy moving eastward towards high terrain there. we've got a little bit around morgan hill. it's tapering off and shifting away from populated areas. good news, but the totals impressive in many locations. 1.2 inches in warm springs dam. one inch in santa rosa. over an inch in san francisco. just under nine tenths in oakland. other locations received lower amounts of rainfall. concord about a third of an inch. where do we stand in terms of percent of normal rainfall? over 150% in most locations and nearly 200% of average in san francisco. we're not experiencing a
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rainfall; >> 40 trees toppled because of the recent storms, today about a dozen fell and have caused more damage. we're live tonight with the story. >> that is right. on 14th avenue in the richmond district. i'm using this light to sort of help knee navigate around here. this massive pile that you can see here is only a section of the huge eucalyptus tree that came down this morning. need less to say, crews were busy. trees and roofs combined with heavy winds can cause an old tree to topple in a storm this, one happened to also fall on a car. >> winds blow. as bad as today, we're busy.
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>> crews cut it down. it's the city's responsibility to trim the trees. >> we don't have the number of trues that we'd like. in fact tree maintenance cycle is far short of that. it's a resource issue of money. >> some trees supposed to be maintained by homeowners. across town in san francisco russian hill neighborhood, this family narrowly escaped being hit by a huge cypress tree. one piece spearing through the master bedroom. >> fell over my head. one of the branches, the main trunk of the tree fell into our yard. and then, one branch fell into our house. >> trees like this one found in city parks are usually removed later. this one will remind neighbors of the power of the most recent storm. >> i did hear a lot of rain coming down. a lot of wind. but no sounds at night. so just came out a minute ago. and wow. there is a tree gone.
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>> and again i'm on 14th avenue. in the richmond district. here is an interesting fact for you. there are about 103,000 neighborhood trees in san francisco. the city maintains about a third of them. i'm live in san francisco now, let's go to my colleague, wayne freedman live in sausalito with more damage. >> wayne? >> the story of the north bay is not only trees but water. there are a few trees downed in the last storm but water level going up. so... let's start with that. let's begin with good news, you're looking at it. russian river in heelsburg an indicator may be just maybe this is a first and last time we'll utter the word "drought". this engineer from sonoma county water agency is optimistic. >> when is>÷ this last time you
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had this much water? >> in 2010, 2011 we came out of summer with;9yjt high reservr lefrls. we were actually about this level, we hadn't had storms again there. >> now, to the down side of that water. sat railted soil, and trees that come tumbling down. here are the remember nanlts of one tree along sausalito boulevard in southern marin. and to the north a bigger problem along ben yet valley road. this remnants of one tree had been bad news and delays for drivers like katie curve. no getting through this. >> now, i'm going to have to find another way to get there. >> that might qualify as this job took five hours. >> with this storm we've had just about a fourth one of this size. >> fourth? >> yes. in the last probably four day autos how much tree is there? >> this is the, probably just
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wood alone, probably four 10 wheeler load autos it's a lot of tree. it would be a lot of firewood, too. interesting note. sonoma county does have a program to trim those overhanging brampbls. they can't get all of them or predict had is going fall next. live in marin county wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> yeah. thanks wayne. traffic accident on the golden gate bridge closed several lanes for about an hour today, three cars were involved just after 8:00 in the morning. a car traveling south rammed into a vehicle going into the opposite direction. the second car careened into a third n all, three people went to the hospital. with just minor injuries. in east bay a slow morning commute for drivers near oakland. sky 7 flew overhead, you can see flooded interstate near 14th avenue and park boulevard below here, crews cleaned out drains and managed to clear flooding. >> one step forward and two steps back today in the santa cruz.
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one big problem is fix bud more rain, of course, brings more trouble spots. abc 7 news is live now from a a.long highway 17 in santa cruz mountains tonight with a story there. >> yes. it was heavy rain this morning. a wreak break this afternoon. it's raining again here in santa cruz mountains capping a day some problems solved and others, created. the storm damage vine hill road couldn't work any harder or faster. they're using eight tons of k rail, 200 sandbii?,z and 11 steel plates to widen the road over a drainage ditch. late this morning drivers using a popular short cut to connect to highway 17 still had to turn around. >> we had to go down to granite creek road and ask what another five to 15 minutes to the commute. >> the crew achieved an aggressive goal, reopening one lane and protecting the eroded area from damage. this is what the slide looked like yesterday, and here is
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what some of the improvements look like, today. >> just to keep water out. and looking pretty good. we're doing well. >> no surprise, the hills are saturated and run off, everywhere. it reopened and another road closed. this tree fell across el rancho drive taking a power line down, leaving randall in the dark. >> hopefully they used to get it done quickly. disee they're out here working on it. >> pg&e did scramble.0"] highway 17, you can barely catch a mobile sign flashing maximum speeds of 40 miles per hour before someone triggered a 52 miles per hour reading and higher. the chp had a busy morning responding to accidents. back on vine hill road it will be slow going with one lane, but the improvement is welcomed. many residents aren't counting on a rye coverry for some time.
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>> i know from experience here it's probably going take many aired so we're going to have a one rain for a while. >> and they may be surprised a spokesperson told me engineers are looking at possibilities of emergency repairs on that second lane could get started as early as next week. in santa cruz county abc 7 news. >> thank you. stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. remember, you can track every storm this season, any time you wish with live doppler 7 hd on our web site. >> we have breaking news out of oakland now. the threat of a federal takeover of the oakland police department ended. the city reached an agreement with attorneys suing department calling for a takeover. under the agreement just approved by a judge oakland will have to hire someone tonpxç oversee reforms. the city will pay that salary but that person will report to the judge ask have broad power
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that's could include piring officers and the chief. the lawsuit stems from actions of four officer who's called themselves riders and accused tis san francisco police believe they have cracked an electronics fencing ring and they may have some of your stuff. this is just some of the haul of stolen goods officers confiscated from the ring. all kinds of things. more than a thousand items wornl up to $2 million. most of it taken from cash break ins in oakland and san francisco. >> we believe this ring is a smaller part of a bigger ring z that we have put a dent in person that's break into cars. >> here are some of the more stolen items if you think anything is yours go to our web site. can on see it on tv. >> restaurants if one neighborhood say they're being driven out of business by food trucks. abc 7 takes a look at numbers
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and the city. >> every monday, wednesday, friday, food trucks line up on this part of front street. so do customer autos it's convenient. and it's always local. >> local is a big selling point with the trucks. local ingredients, house made. organic. what they are is mobile. not local. local i restaurants in this neighborhood for years. everyone of them says that trucks are cutting deeply into their business. >> almost 40% less than what we usually do. which is very alarming to me. >> the owner of this cafe says if things don't improve he will be out of business within a year. b sandwich shop says business down 50% on truck days hunanan, 29%, same for ensalata and togo's. grumpy's down 50% today. >> we only had two trucks
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here. because we wanted to do proper outreach. >> matt set up the trucks saying it was never his intention to cut into neighborhood business buzz when they objected to the city, he had no choice except to hire a lawyer to defend permits. >> only mechanism for recouping that cost was then tibl to operate permits to the full extent. >> matt cullen is running four trucks on this block. last year he helped draft the city he new ordinance. he then bought permits from department of public works and he charges food trucks rent to use those permits. roughly $100 a day. $15,000 a week. $300,000 a year. >> pretty good cash flow. >> i mean that, is our business model. >> at city hall i asked the director of pub lirk works why they'd permit four trucks to line up in a neighborhood with nine other lunch restaurants in a five lock block radius. >> my gut feel sthag a lot of the trucks should be in areas where there is limited access
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he says there are kinks and the county supervisor says he's working on that. >> when you look at the lines of the food trucks people want them and like them. >> scott weiner knows trucks are popular. he does not really believe they will drive anyone out of business. his new ordinance is going to require trucks to move 50 feet from an existing restaurant. 50 feet, that is next door. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> mark, thank you.,h still to come here at 6:00 a new report on the possible impact of voter-approved prop 30. what the tax increases could do to the economy. >> we're going through a shift. >> it's called tv everywhere. later efforts by a bay area company to bring programs you want to lap top or tab blet. >> stay with us for that and raider days here on abc 7 begins in less than 20 minutes with a special pregame edition of abc 7 news at 6:30.
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>> then, we'll get going home with -- tomorrow with larry beil hosting a special pregame show at 4:00 p.m. >> raiders greats will gin us for that. at 5:00 coverage of the denver oakland gamelin begins live right here on abc 7. once the game ends, larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game. >> then, it's abc programming. and a special edition of abc 7
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the ports of los angeles
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and long beach open again. stringing clerical workers reached an agreement last night with the port's 14 shipping lines ending a walk coy in lost trades. the clerk as agreed on a pact providing protection from joby& outsourcing and layoffs. the ports handle 44% of the shipping container traffic. >> economists say prop 30, tax hike approved by voters may slow growth but will not derail recovery. the forecast says jobs will be added more slowly and the state wide jobless rate will improve less quickly. economy yiflts believe personal income won't be as robust as predicted. prop 30 boosts sales taxes a quarter cent and retroactively raises income taxes for the wealthy. >> jazz fans mourning the passing of dave brubeck.
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brubeck attained pop star acclaim with his album timeout, the first ever million selling kññ0gó;vtv it included classic hit "take five" which you just heard. he was famous for playing in black jazz clubs during the height of segregation. dave brubeck died in connecticut one day short of his 92 birthday. >> with a a gift to all of use spencer christian had a chance to meet with him. >> great pleasure of seeing him perform several times. met him once, what a ja. just warm, accessible ask engaging. and a genius. >> yes. yes. >> absolutely. well, let's talk weather. things are beginning to calm down a bit. we're going to be drying out soon. a live view from our camera in emeryville looking at cloudy skies. not many locations receiving rainfall but we do have
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showers showing up down in parts of the south bay. there you can south of san jose and not far from gill roi. actually closer to morgan hill and san martin now. an area of light showers and away from populated areas so our rainfall system for now is winding don. we can see showers before the night is over. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. narrow range of temperatures. and what we're concerned about now is visibility. it's droppingmsz8 in places because of low clouds and patches of fog. three mile visibility at half moon bay and livermore, two miles in mountain view. fog thickening in areas or should say spreading to areas during late-night hours, look for showers ending and areas of fog developing overnight. subby day as head turning milder, in fact over the weekend. especially on sunday.
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passage of the frontal system bringing us current wave of dreary weather. high pressure building in behind it. that will be the dominant weather. start agent 7:00 tonight, notice up until midnight, we'll have a few showers breaking out here and there. by 5:00 in the morning beginning rush hour, showers swril ended. some partial clearing by then but we'll have areas of fog and reduced visibility. overnight tonight in addition to fog and partial clearing that will come later low temperatures dropping into upper 40s in parts of the north bay. low 50s most of the remainder of the bay area. then, tomorrow, glorious tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay, high temperatures low 60s. on the pin anyone slarks low 60s. 61 san mateo. menlo park upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 60s tomorrow, 59 in the sunset district. north bay highs mainly low 60s.
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east bay highs 62 in oakland. inland east bay, about 61, 62 in virtually every location there. low 0s and that will be the east sunny location around the bay area tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. great weather for raiders game tomorrow. against broncos game carried here on abc 7. but we'll have clear conditions, sunny skies, for the next seven days. >> wow. >> and getting much milder starting over the weekend. >> unusual, thank you. >> we'll take it. >> thank you. >> desperately. >> just ahead, changing your viewing habits. >> a company efforts make it easier to get programs you want without being tied to
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>> there is a growing possibility the screen you're watching on is not a television. you're finding on your lap top can be frustrating. one company trying to do something about it. >> there is a big flat screen tv on the wall. on the coffee table, big game playing on this ipad. >> tv means any screen that
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you have... in front of you. >> this concept is tv every wrchl the maker is adobe. >> it tells you what is live on air right now. and you can simply click on that. >> prime time is a tool for tv network to put live programs on different dough vices from scratch. >> ipad experience as well as an droid, as well as x box exkbreerns as well as tes desk top experience that is millions of dollars of cost. that we believe we can make much less expensive. >> live tv has commercials so in apps like watch espn adobe ads aimed at you this is not the same that is on tv. >> adobe picks ads based on your viewing history, age and gender with this analyst says could make commercials more
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enjoyable. saying if they provide an ad they want to watch they're more engaged than if you're watching, showing me a feminine hygiene ad. >> for premium cable channels you log in through cable company. adobe sfez you're paying for cable, you shouldn't have to pay on top to watch the shows on hulu plus or i tunes and points out most users don't. the good old commercial break is probably here to stay. >> whether over the internet or elsewhere, ads are funding programming today. folks haven't0p, been interested in buying programs. >> multiple reports say louisiana tech sony dykes will be named new head football coach at cal. he called a meeting with players at 7:00 tonight skmaz been at louisiana tech three years compiling a 22-15
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record. he will replace jeff tedford. a news conference to announce this new choice is expected tomorrow. in berkeley. >> and we're only on the half hour tonight[@:/pu:q of the raiders day special at 6:30. >> let's check in now with larry beil for a look at what he has coming up. >> thank you, looking ahead to the game against denner, what darren mcfadden is saying about the showdown with peyton manning and the broncos. and this is not exactly quaint but they love it. ground zero for raider fans. deep end of the black hole, just ahead when mike shumann joins me as we get set for tomorrow's game. >> good stuff. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> we'll see you soon everyone. thanks for joining us. dkx ñ
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